THE WAMPUM SHOP is located on Six Nations of the Grand River territory, near Brantford, ON. 3080 4th Line, RR#1 Ohsweken, ON, 519-445-2100


We sell genuine Wampum cut from the Qhahog shell. Or, replica glass Wampum Beads, the finest you will find anywhere. NOTE if ordering more than 2 kilos of glass beads the shipping costs will be higher.
glasswampwhitecr.jpg Glass Beads, white
3x8mm size. These are the finest glass beads you will find anywhere. Direct from the Czech republic. Ideal for making durable and affordable Wampum Belts. Sold per kilo. In white or Cobalt Blue. $50.00 per kilo
glasswampbluecr.jpg Glass Beads, Cobalt Blue
3x8 mm size beads. Perfect for Wampum Belts. These are the same as the white glass beads but in cobalt blue color. Sold per kilo. at $50.00 per kilo.
Wampum Beads, white 4x8mm
Genuine Wampum cut from the Qhahog shell. $2.50 per bead
Wampum Beads, purple 4x8mm
Genuine purple wampum cut from qhahog shell. $4.00 per bead.
Wampum Beads, red, black or yellow
Red, black or yellow glass beads . Please specify colour. sold per kilo