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Rattles & Drums

babycrop.jpg Miniature Drum & Rattle Set
Miniature set of Turtle Rattle, Horn Rattle and Water Drum. Ken carves the Turtle out of Basswood and it looks just like a real Turtle Rattle. He also makes the Horn rattle and water Drum by hand.
rattlecrop.jpg Horn Rattle, large
The horn rattle is used as a companion to the water drum. The first Iroquois rattles were made from bark of a hickory tree. The bark was cut in a rectangular pattern with the two ends tapered. Small stone pebbles were inserted into the casing of the bark to make a noise. In the early years buffalo horns were cut into approximately two inch sections and capped on both ends with inlaid wood carvings. A handle was carved and tightly inserted into the wood cappings. Dried Corn, stone pebbles, or cherry pits were put into the horn to make the rattling sound. Later in history and up to this present day, the buffalo horn was replaced by the present day cow horn. Rattle makers now prefer pellets or small BB's. The sound is louder, clearer and more consistent. Horn rattles are used for both social and ceremonial songs.
Horn Rattle, small
This size is great for any age but mostly used by ages 5-12.
Horn Rattle, medium
This size rattle is the most commonly used. Good for adults or youth.
Horn Rattle, extra large
Extra Large size horn rattle
drandratcr1.jpg Water Drum
The water drum sounds different from any other kind of drum. It is used for both ceremonial and social songs and is usually accompanied by the Horn Rattle. The base has a plug and is partially filled with water. More water can be added when necessary. Buckskin is stretched over the top. Ken uses Hickory, cedar, hard maple or bass wood to make the base of the Water Drum.